Friday, July 21, 2017

Behold our God!

Let’s start where the Bible does, this Book of books. The Bible begins where each of our own lives begin. Scripture simply points us to God Himself… majestic and mighty, living and loving, existing before time and space.

In your sanctified imagination, return to this launching pad where God created the mystery of godliness. Are you at Genesis 1:1, blocking out all else in your mind? Then from this most ancient point in time, go backwards in your imagination. What do you see? Close your eyes and spend a bit of time in your mind with your sanctified imagination. Learning must penetrate into our minds and also into our affections to strengthen our will to choose. God fashioned His image-bearers with the ability to imagine like Him, and this infuses our affections with what is on His heart (Psalms 37:4).

What did you see, feel and think?

No heavens. No earth. No sun or stars, no plants, animals or people.

All we see in our sanctified imaginations is God Himself, Father, Son and Spirit! Before creation, God already existed.

Through the lens of the New Testament (NT), our highest good is God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit in perfect community and perfect individuality, cooperatively interacting with One Another in unity.

In the beginning God created… (Genesis 1:1).

No explanation. No description. No confusion. Just this God and the simple statement of His infinite majesty and sovereignty as Creator!

The Trinity experienced a stunning, eternally perfect, relational Community, constantly streaming co-love. The Father loved the Son and Spirit, and the Son loved the Father and Spirit, and the Spirit loved both. God is altogether lovely and attractive, authentically living in harmony with Himself.

The Father has never sought to impose His will on the Son, but serves His highest and best in harmony and oneness of purpose. And the Son chooses to reveal the Father’s heart in all He does. The Spirit reveals the Son, and thus also the Father. Care and kindness, life and mutual service, power and splendor, generosity and purity, light, life, love, and much more, all without limitations.

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