Wednesday, August 31, 2016

“What is the Spirit saying to the church today…and to you personally?”

I’m simply joining together with a stream of others in this God-fueled restoration of a more relational view of the Trinity and its impact on every aspect of our lives. This began in the last twenty years of the 20th century as a trickle among a few scattered theologians. Now it has become a deluge in the 21st century, moving from the theoretical into the practical life of everyday Christianity.
And God is on the march today to recover this relational Trinitarian, incarnational Reality, which may have been for us in the past more on the circumference of our practical life-responses. He is transforming Christianity and His people from the inside out, at our most fundamental level…changing how we view this relational God revealed in Scripture as He intimately connects with us as partners in His eternal plan.
God is not a single, solitary figure removed from the world. He has always existed in relationship as relationship (Father, Son, and Spirit). This relational God is here, present, speaking, taking the initiative to love us as we are with the same love with which the Father loved His Son, oh wonder. He includes us into His Family in order to free us from the need to prove that we are wanted and valued. This Community-God is good and “for” us. He is wild with excitement to restore His people at our most fundamental level, from center to circumference, one image-bearer after another. God is delirious with joy over His people. The Community-God is on the march to restore this high, intimate view of God and His people. Drink fully of His great passion for us. He sees His people lovely, as a groom does his bride.
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